SOC / SIEM Consulting

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized team, which monitors, detects and responds to security issues of an organization. The organization’s security is a boardroom discussion and CISOs are required to be abreast of its current state. To achieve this, a well-established and capable SOC is required which can provide a clear view of an organization’s security posture.

ANZEN offers consulting services, which helps organizations to establish a new SOC or review existing SOC to enhance its capabilities and efficiency.

We bring along the expertise of establishing and maturing critical infrastructure SOC. SOC is a nexus of three elements, people, process and

technology and hence our SOC framework is based on creating the best bond out of these elements.

In SOC consulting, our experts will establish this SOC framework, which will help you combat various types of security threats including the current threat landscape.

Anzen offers the following activities as a part of SOC consulting:

  • Auditing current SOC process & procedures
  • Strategic Discovery and Information Gathering
  • Developing a Business Case
  • Preparing Feasibility Report
  • Defining the Project scope and size
  • Assisting HR Departments in hiring SOC Team with specialized skills set
  • Developing SOC Business Processes
  • Developing SOC Operational Processes
  • Defining SOC Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Training personnel

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) technology is widely known across the industry as a tool, which performs threat detection and security incident response through real-time collection and analysis of events. It also delivers compliance reporting and incident investigation through analysis of historical data from various event sources.

Though the technology and products in the market are not new, many organizations still struggle with the implementation of SIEM which can help them accurately detect security attacks and just not bombard with thousands of false-positive alerts on the screen.

Many SIEMs run in an out-of-the-box configuration, which does not serve any good purpose for attack detection. And for a SIEM, a big investment is required year on year with not much of valuable returns. So how is it you make it effective to do its job and serve the purpose it has been deployed for?

We offer two services under SIEM Implementation:

  • New SIEM Implementation: SIEM implementations are never out-of-the-box. It has to be customized as per business requirements and our experts do exactly the same. For new SIEM implementations, we combine our service of “SIEM Framework Designing and Review” with “SIEM implementation” service and provide you the best possible SIEM deployment.
  • SIEM Upgrades: Upgrading existing SIEMs is a complex activity. You need to ensure the existing content and data in SIEM is intact while new features are added post-upgrade. ANZEN provides upgrading of SIEM in a smooth and efficient way ensuring your content and data are intact and there are no issues post-upgrade.


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