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Organization Information security teams are expected to respond to Incidents in the minimum time possible since its identification and/or impact. Infosec team faces challenges in gathering relevant evidences pieces of evidence and artifacts from different endpoints, teams, users and departments. On ground analyst handling the incident does not have the visibility and power to act authoritatively in the context of the incident.

As an outcome, most incidents get closed by immediate action without an in-depth Root Cause Analysis, response strategy, and lessons learned. This results in:


Managed Incident Response Onsite Incident Responders On Demand Incident Response F/B/I Readiness

Anzen's Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services offer a comprehensive and proactive solution designed to safeguard organizations from cyber threats. Anzen's MDR services are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, providing peace of mind and proactive protection against evolving cyber risks.

Key Features:
  • Threat Detection and Monitoring: Anzen's MDR services employ state-of-the-art threat detection technologies, including behaviour analytics, machine learning, and advanced anomaly detection. We continuously monitor network traffic, endpoints, and logs to identify potential threats, malicious activities, and suspicious patterns.
  • Incident Response and Threat Hunting: In the event of a confirmed security incident, our security analysts conduct thorough investigations, determine the extent of the compromise, and execute a customized incident response plan. We leverage proactive threat hunting techniques to identify hidden or emerging threats, minimizing their impact and preventing future attacks.
  • Threat Intelligence and Reporting: Anzen's MDR services leverage the latest threat intelligence feeds from global sources. We integrate this intelligence into our monitoring and detection processes, enhancing our ability to identify emerging threats and zero-day attacks. We provide regular reports with actionable insights, allowing your organization to understand the threat landscape, make informed decisions, and improve security strategies.
  • 8x5/16x5/24x7 Coverage: With flexible operation hours, organizations of various size and security operations support need can avail our services and strengthen their security posture.
  • Tailored and Customized Service Offering: Anzen recognizes that each organization has unique needs and may require a customized approach. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements, infrastructure, and risk landscape. Based on this understanding, we tailor our MDR services to meet their precise needs, ensuring optimal protection and alignment with their business objectives.
  • SOC Management or Hybrid Approach: In addition to providing standalone MDR services, Anzen offers the flexibility to manage an organization's existing Security Operations Center (SOC) or work in a hybrid model. If an organization already has an in-house SOC, we can seamlessly integrate our MDR services, enhancing their capabilities with our advanced technologies, expertise, and round-the-clock support. Alternatively, for organizations without an established SOC, we can fully manage their security operations, providing end-to-end MDR services.
  1. Proactive Threat Detection
  2. Rapid Incident Response
  3. Expertise and Guidance
  4. Cost Efficiency
  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. Enhanced Security Posture

Anzen's Managed Detection & Response Services provide organizations with a comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity solution. With Anzen's MDR services, you can confidently protect your business, sensitive data, and reputation from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

Anzen's Dedicated Incident Response Staff Augmntation Service is designed to provide organizations with highly skilled incident response experts who work as an extension of their existing Security Operations Center (SOC). Whether on client premises or remotely, our dedicated incident responders offer specialized support and expertise to efficiently detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents. This service is available for engagement on a yearly or multi-yearly basis, ensuring long-term partnership and continuous protection against cyber threats. 

Key Features: 
  1. Experienced Incident Response Professionals: Anzen's Dedicated Incident Responders are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in incident response and threat mitigation. They possess deep knowledge of industry-standard incident response frameworks and are skilled in handling a wide range of security incidents.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our dedicated incident responders seamlessly integrate into your existing SOC team, aligning their workflows, processes, and communication channels to ensure smooth collaboration. They work closely with your internal team, complementing their expertise and providing additional support as needed.
  3. On-Premise or Remote Engagement: Anzen offers flexibility in engagement options. You can choose to have our dedicated incident responders work on your premises, physically present in your SOC, or they can provide remote support from our secure operations center. This flexibility allows you to choose the arrangement that best suits your operational requirements and preferences.
  4. Yearly/Multi-Yearly Engagement: The Dedicated Incident Responders Service is available for engagement on a yearly or multi-yearly basis. This long-term partnership ensures continuity and stability in incident response capabilities, allowing for strategic planning and alignment of security objectives.
  5. Incident Detection and Response: Our dedicated incident responders actively monitor your network, logs, and security events to identify potential security incidents. They swiftly respond to incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and execute predefined incident response plans. Their goal is to minimize the impact of security breaches and rapidly restore normal operations.
  6. Incident Triage and Analysis: Anzen's incident responders perform comprehensive triage and analysis of security incidents. They assess the severity and impact of each incident, gather crucial evidence, and provide detailed incident reports. This enables your organization to understand the nature of the incidents, take appropriate actions, and implement necessary preventive measures.
  7. Incident Containment and Mitigation: Once an incident is detected, our dedicated incident responders employ advanced techniques to contain and mitigate the threat. They collaborate with your internal team to implement containment strategies, isolate affected systems, and minimize the potential spread of the attack. Their swift actions help prevent further damage and limit the impact on your organization.
  8. Forensic Analysis and Post-Incident Remediation: Anzen's incident responders conduct thorough forensic analysis of security incidents, identifying the root cause, attack vectors, and potential vulnerabilities. They provide comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations for post-incident remediation, allowing you to strengthen your security infrastructure and prevent future incidents.
  1. Enhanced Incident Response Capabilities
  2. Rapid Incident Detection and Response
  3. Flexibility of Engagement
  4. Long-term Partnership
  5. Seamless Integration
  6. Expertise and Experience

Anzen's Dedicated Incident Responder Staff Augmentation Service provides organizations with experienced incident response professionals who work as an extension of their existing SOC. Whether on client premises or remotely, our dedicated incident responders deliver swift incident detection, comprehensive analysis, containment, and remediation services. With flexible engagement options and long-term partnerships, organizations can strengthen their incident response capabilities, minimize the impact of security incidents, and enhance their overall security posture. 

Anzen’s On-demand forensics service is a specialized offering that provides timely and efficient digital forensic investigations. It leverages advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning, and automation, to streamline the investigation process. Unlike traditional forensics services that require dedicated infrastructure and personnel, our on-demand services enable organizations to access forensic expertise whenever and wherever needed. 

Key Benefits 
  1. Rapid Response
  2. Scalability
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Access to Specialized Skills
Our Approach 

Anzen’s On-demand forensics services typically follow a well-defined workflow and process to ensure efficient investigations. The typical steps involved are: 

  • Initial Consultation: Anzen and our client discuss the scope of the investigation, nature of the incident, and relevant details to determine the requirements and objectives. 
  • Evidence Collection: Anzen will assist you in preserving and collecting the digital evidence relevant to the investigation. This may involve secure data acquisition, chain-of-custody documentation, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements. 
  • Remote Analysis: Anzen’s forensic experts perform the analysis remotely, utilizing secure communication channels and following stringent data protection protocols. They employ specialized tools and techniques to examine the collected evidence for relevant artifacts and extract actionable insights. 
  • Reporting and Presentation: Once the analysis is complete, Anzen prepares a detailed report that includes findings, interpretations, and recommendations. This report can be presented in a clear and concise manner, suitable for legal proceedings or internal review. 
  • Follow-up Support: Our On-demand services include post-investigation support, such as expert testimony, ongoing consultation, or additional analysis, if required. We work on retainer model for our on-demand forensic service. Contact us to know more. 

We at Anzen Technologies help organizations achieve an appropriate level of capability to be able to collect, preserve, protect and analyze digital evidence so that this evidence can be effectively used in any legal matters, in disciplinary matters, in an employment tribunal or court of law. We also help organizations strengthen security operations, respond to & handle incidents effectively.

High level activities:

  • Assessment of current Readiness Posture
  • Implementation of Readiness based on assessment & our approach

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