Security Operations Center (SOC)

Security Operations Center is a centralized team, which monitors, detects and responds to security issues of an organization.

Organization’s security is a board room discussion and CISOs are required to be abreast with its current state. To achieve this, a well established and capable SOC is required which can provide clear view of an organization’s security posture.

ANZEN offers consulting services which helps organizations to establish a new SOC or review its existing SOC to enhance its capabilities and efficiency. We bring along the expertise of establishing and maturing critical infrastructure SOC.

SOC is a nexus of three elements, people, process and technology and hence our SOC framework is based on creating the best bond out of these elements. In SOC consulting, our experts will establish this SOC framework which will help you combat against various types of security threats including the current threat landscape.

Many organizations have established an in-house SOC or have outsourced to MSS providers. They face with multiple challenges such as managing governance issues, resource attrition, lack of skill sets, inappropriate monitoring etc. In such cases, ANZEN offers maturity assessment consulting for SOC. In this we address the challenges and assess your existing framework to identify improvement areas which will enable you to establish next generation SOC, the Hybrid Model of SOC.