Risk and Compliance Advisory

Risk Management is a strategic enabler for identifying opportunities as well as mitigating risks to ensure sustained business growth. Over the last few years, organizations have adopted technology to transform their business and deliver better value to customers. For example, customer orders/transactions are processed over electronic data interchanges with little or no human intervention. The internet has become the primary mode of communication for most organizations. The adoption of this model definitely helps an organization derive value and grow their business but it has its own set of risks, especially cyber security risks. The reality of cyber security risks is that they cannot be avoided, but have to be managed.

The increase in such risks coupled with a fast changing threat landscape has prompted regulators to prescribe more stringent and exhaustive requirements.

Organizations today are faced with the challenge of developing and implementing the right strategy and framework which would help them to effectively mitigate risk and comply with regulatory compliance requirements.

Team Anzen with its decades of experience has helped organizations overcome these challenges and successfully implement Risk Management & Regulatory Compliance Frameworks. We provide a unique value proposition by understanding the customer’s needs and developing tailor made solutions due to our

  • Proven Expertise
  • Robust and Mature methodology
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Practitioners perspective

Our proven methodology ensures that Compliance requirements are well understood and integrated into the IT ecosystem ensuring that it is no longer a “Tick in the Box” exercise but implemented in spirit, greatly minimizing the impact of non-compliance for the organization.A well-defined process to identify, assess, treat and report risks is implemented. Stakeholders are identified and risks assigned, enabling efficient and effective tracking and monitoring of risks. Risk Mitigation is prioritized based on impact to the organization, leading to significantly improved risk posture.

Using our methodology and tailored approach we have helped organizations comply with cyber security and cyber resilience frameworks mandated by National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) and regulators such as SEBI and RBI.

Our experienced consultants can help you:

  • Build a robust & comprehensive risk management framework aligned to your business
  • Mature your existing framework by conducting gap assessment and providing suitable recommendations.
  • Develop customized KPI’s
  • Optimize risk and compliance governance & management
  • Comply with National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) guidelines
  • Comply with cyber security and cyber resilience framework prescribed by SEBI & RBI.