Mobile Application Hacking

Mobile Security training course will enable participants with the skills to understand the strengths and weaknesses in mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and devices like Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Highlights of the training:

  • Setting up mobile hacking/pentesting lab
  • Bypassing platform encryption
  • Unlocking, Rooting and Jailbreaking Mobile Devices
  • Static and Dynamic Application analysis
  • Manipulating mobile applications to circumvent obfuscation
  • Leveraging automated and manual mobile application analysis tools
  • Identifying security flaws file system storage, application network traffic, inter-application communication channels
  • Analyzing mobile malware samples
  • Reverse engineering mobile applications
  • Exploiting stolen device to access sensitive mobile application data
  • Familiarizing with Web Framework attacks
  • Learning about mobile device and application specific attacks
  • Secure Coding for mobile applications
  • Mobile Device Security Best Practices
  • Capture the flag

After completion of this training, participants will be prepared to evaluate the security of mobile devices, to effectively assess and identify flaws in mobile applications, and to conduct a mobile device penetration test.