Breach Response

Technology is revolutionizing the way businesses function. Organizations across sectors are leveraging innovations in technology for better agility, quality and efficiency. Mobile, Cloud, Internet Of Things (IOT), Analytics and Social Media are important considerations for the growth and sustenance of businesses.

This proliferation and increased adoption of technology has resulted in increased exposure of an organization’s systems and data. Several organizations prioritize agility at the cost of security leading to the deployment of systems/processes with several vulnerabilities or weaknesses. Malicious actors or hackers are taking advantage of these weaknesses by targeting organization assets (Systems/personnel) to gain access. The motive of the attacker can be multifold depending on the organization and nature of business.

The year 2015 has seen many high profile breaches spread across Financial, Health-Care, Retail and higher education sectors. Attackers are using innovative and sophisticated techniques to bypass defenses. There have been instances where attackers have penetrated networks and have gone undetected for more than 100 days. Attacks are increasingly becoming targeted and persistent and more and more difficult for enterprises to defend against them. Preventive controls are no longer sufficient; organizations must develop detection and response capabilities to effectively respond to current threats. Organizations need to ask themselves:

  • Are my data & networks protected from the ever growing threats?
  • Does my organization have the ability to detect an attack?
  • Is the organization equipped with suitable defense mechanisms to deal with and respond to an attack?

For example, the last few months have seen the rise of ransomware and the year 2016 has been touted as the year of ransomware. The key response strategy against ransomware is having a well-defined backup process. However, several organizations have struggled to respond to ransomware attacks, and many have ended up paying the ransom to the attackers.

Team Anzen has helped organizations build a solid Incident response capability to effectively detect and respond to cyber security attacks. Our methodology and tooling has been developed based on decades of experience in securing and defending critical infrastructure installations from cyber-attacks.

Our experts are SANS certified with proven skills in handling cyber security breaches.

Anzen Technologies has developed, a propriety tool – Breach Response Investigation Software Kit (BRISK) to enable its experts to rapidly and comprehensively investigate breaches.

Team Anzen can help organizations:

  • Build a comprehensive organization wide Incident Response (IR)framework
  • Investigate breaches and respond to cyber attacks
  • Assess and identify gaps which led to the breach and provide remediation assistance
  • Carry out periodic drills to test the effectiveness of the IR framework